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  • 2023 Report

Sustainable culture of wine

To make informed choices, whether or not to drink, to respect the others around you and the wine you drink

Respecting your consumers is also respecting your business!

Sustainable culture of wine

wine with friends and family. wine with good food and water; find the harmony of taste; sense the wine; discover its unique character;

drink slowly; take the time to fully appreciate

Sustainable culture of wine

Because caring about yourself is caring about others.

Care means enjoying your wine in moderation, avoiding excess; avoiding drinking if you drive, you are underage or pregnant; understanding the drinking guidelines

Discover one year of achievements: check our 2023 Annual Report!

  • What is moderation ?

    Enjoy the best wine has to offer in moderation, avoid excess.
    Follow our guidelines for a moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

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  • When not to drink ?

    Certain individuals should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages such as pregnant women or during breastfeeding, underage individuals, etc.
    In certain situations, not drinking is also the safest option; this includes: when driving, when taking medication, in the workplace, etc.

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  • Wine & diet

    Wine has always been an important part of diet, gastronomy and conviviality and has been changing from an important source of nutrition to a cultural complement to food over the years.

    A balanced diet is the key element for a healthy lifestyle.
    Excess both in eating and drinking will only be more harmful.

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Who we are

We are a unique coalition of responsible wine organisations who believe in a sustainable culture of wine.

Join the movement

Wine in moderation is for all wine producers and wine professionals who want to responsibly present, sell and serve wine!


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