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Wine in Moderation News
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Wine in Moderation stand at Vinitaly for the second time in a row

Wine in Moderation stand at Vinitaly for the second time in a row

After Wine Paris & Vinexpo and Prowein earlier this year, Wine in Moderation was present with a stand at the 56th edition of Vinitaly in Verona, for the second time in a row. During the four days of the trade fair (14-17 April 2024), the Wine in Moderation team welcomed an important number of interested visitors, informing them about the importance of moderate and responsible drinking.

At the stand, both professionals and consumers were able to learn more about moderate drinking guidelines, take a hydration break from the warm weather by tasting our fresh aromatised waters, and receive some nice materials: leaflets, posters, pens and pins, breathalysers, as well as a copy of our latest annual report. Many visitors also took our new quiz, which included questions ranging from general knowledge of wine to more specific questions about consumption guidelines, calories in wine, and BAC levels. A tote bag with Wine in Moderation materials were handed out to winners and a small consolation prize to those that failed to answer correctly. In both cases, the quiz allowed for very interesting thoughts and discussions.

For the whole duration of the fair Wine in Moderation team was kindly supported by the Italian members, both Ambassador Companies and National Coordinators.

As all trade fairs, Vinitaly was a great opportunity to reconnect with existing members and partners, but also get to know new entities, learn about their activities and challenges and present to them the Wine in Moderation programme.