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Wine in Moderation News
Press Release


Press Release - Wine in Moderation at Prowein 2023

Press Release - Wine in Moderation at Prowein 2023

Wine in Moderation, the international programme that encourages responsible and moderate wine consumption, is pleased to announce its presence at ProWein 2023. The largest and most important international wine and spirits trade fair, ProWein provides the perfect platform for Wine in Moderation to expand and transmit its message to professionals from all over the world.

"We are delighted to participate at the 2023 edition of ProWein for the second consecutive year and to have the opportunity to engage directly with professionals of the wine sector," said Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation. "Encouraging responsible and moderate wine consumption is essential for the sustainability of our sector, and fairs like ProWein provide a great opportunity for us to share our message and guidelines with professionals."

During the fair, water will be available at the Wine in Moderation stand where we will also host a range of interactive activities, including games that inform about responsible drinking patterns and guidelines. We look forward to exchanging with a great number of WiM Supporters present and hear about the activities they have undertaken to encourage a moderate consumption of wine.

"We warmly encourage all fair attendees to visit the Wine in Moderation stand located at the Northern Entrance and learn more on how they can get involved and join our efforts to encourage responsible and moderate wine consumption," said Sartor. "We look forward to seeing you at ProWein 2023!"

As in previous years, Wine in Moderation's National Coordinator in Germany, the Deutsche Weinakademie, will also be promoting the programme at their booth (Hall 1, C132) and informing German wine professionals about how they can implement the message in their business activities.

"ProWein is a vital platform for the wine and spirits sector to come together, share best practices and do business. We are proud to welcome Wine in Moderation to the 2023 edition," said Michael Degen, Executive Director Messe Düsseldorf "We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Wine in Moderation in future years and working together to promote responsible consumption during the fair and beyond."

Wine in Moderation is committed to promoting responsible and moderate wine consumption as a way to enhance the enjoyment of wine and to ensure the sustainable development of the wine sector. We encourage all attendees to join us in this effort and to participate in the interactive activities and events at our stand during ProWein 2023. See you there!