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Wine in Moderation News
Press Release


Gruppo Mezzacorona Joins Wine in Moderation as Ambassador Company

Gruppo Mezzacorona Joins Wine in Moderation as Ambassador Company

Verona, 04/04/2023 – Gruppo Mezzacorona will be the newest Ambassador Company for Wine in Moderation programme, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and the promotion of a balanced lifestyle where wine can be enjoyed in moderation.

Gruppo Mezzacorona and Wine in Moderation are proud to officially announce their new partnership at Vinitaly, the largest wine fair in Italy. This marks a significant milestone in the Gruppo Mezzacorona's commitment to the responsible and moderate wine consumption programme.

Through this partnership, Gruppo Mezzacorona will work closely with Wine in Moderation to promote the responsible and moderate consumption of wine, sharing the values and messages conveyed by the WIM Programme.

Gruppo Mezzacorona has a well-earned reputation for producing high-quality wines that are celebrated globally, has been committed for decades to sustainable certified practices, from vineyard to bottle, and has been recognised for its environmental and social responsibility. By partnering with Wine in Moderation, Gruppo Mezzacorona reinforce their commitment to sustainability and responsible wine consumption.

"We are thrilled to partner with Wine in Moderation and become an Ambassador Company for the Programme. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond our vineyards and winemaking practices. We are dedicated to promoting responsible wine consumption and educating our consumers on the importance of moderation," said Luca Rigotti, President of Gruppo Mezzacorona.

Through this partnership, Gruppo Mezzacorona takes a significant step towards promoting responsible and sustainable practices in the wine sector, and for this purpose will work closely with Wine in Moderation sharing a message of moderation and working to contribute to a positive shift in the wine sector towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

"We are excited to join forces with Gruppo Mezzacorona and work together towards advocating responsible and moderate wine consumption. Gruppo Mezzacorona’ s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility makes them an excellent partner for our programme. Through this partnership, we aim to continue raising awareness of the importance of moderation in wine consumption and promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle," said Sandro Sartor, President of Wine in Moderation.

As we launch our partnership at Vinitaly, we are optimistic about the future of the wine sector and the positive impact we can have on society. We believe that this partnership will be beneficial for both our organizations and the wine sector as a whole, and we look forward to working together towards promoting responsible and moderate consumption of wine. Visit our stand at Vinitaly to learn more about our partnership and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

WiM Association

The WiM Association is the international not for profit association founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies that centrally coordinates the Wine in Moderation programme and expand its reach and impact throughout the world.

About Gruppo Mezzacorona

With over 119 years of history, from 1904 to today, the Mezzacorona Group is a winemaking reality that manages the cultivation of 2600 hectares of vineyards in Trentino-Alto Adige and 1000 hectares of property in Sicily. Mezzacorona associates 1500 winemakers who operate in respect of the environment with sustainable processing techniques, cultivating their own vineyards with integrated production systems and guaranteeing more and more natural products. In its corporate activity, the Mezzacorona Group is committed to strengthening the culture of careful, responsible wine consumption that respects the values ​​of conviviality and joyful sharing of social life.


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Gruppo Mezzacorona

Segretaria Generale: Nadia Frittella

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PR and Press Office: Maurizio Bassetti

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